People get so mad about gay marriage. You know, everyone gets upset with the gay people. Which is weird, ‘cause everyone loves gay people when they write the song Karma Chameleon, or star in the movie Top Gun. All of the sudden, they want health care, and people start flippin’ out. But you know what’s gonna happen to these people who are flippin’ out? The karma’s gonna come back and get ‘em. Because karma’s a chameleon. It come and go. It come and go. Ooh whoa whoa. It’s weird, though. People make weird arguments about gay marriage. My friend is real conservative, and he’s like, ‘What if someone wants to marry three women? Or a teenage girl? Or a horse?’ I was like, ‘First of all, all of these scenarios are hot in their own way. Second of all, I’m not gonna marry the horse. We’re gonna take it slow and see what develops.’
Mike Birbiglia (via giaface) (via lgbtlaughs)